Curse of the Crimson Throne

Edge of Anarchy Part I: Revenge Stinks

Revenge Achieved

Lartus, Tara, J’aka and Caladrel had Gaedren Lamm at their mercy, tied coffin-like in his lair. They interrogated him and learned that his henchmen, Giggles, who the children had pushed into through the hole in the floor of the fishery, killed Tara’s sister. He also named Willem of Red Gorge, a caravan merchant, as the source of the drugs that J’aka had become dependent on, and stated that Caladrel was framed for the murder because he was a convenient patsy.

While they were questioning Lamm, they heard what sounded like someone trying to swim stealthily outside. J’aka, Caladrel and Tara ran out to investigate and saw Giggles climbing into a sewer drain just beyond the walls of the fishery. J’aka limped after him. In the mean time, Lartus attempted to allow Lamm to die with dignity, but Lamm was defiant. In the end, he suffocated Lamm in the mud, and then left his body hanging in the manacles. Then three then pursued J’aka.

Into the Sewer

J’aka had not progressed too far as the sewer was dark and slippery, so the others caught up to him quickly. They slipped and slid as they progressed until they came upon a band of thugs. The combatants sought to engage, but three of the four thugs as well as Tara, Lartus, and Caladrel’s eidolon all slipped and fell. Caladrel dazed one of the thugs, and then the others recovered and made quick order of their foes. They passed a manhole above and noted the glow of flames coming from the surface.

Continuing further, they came upon a room with three other tunnels leading off. Tara and the eidolon entered the room and were attacked by three shocker lizards and made quick work of them. Tara spied another manhole that was open. They climbed out to find Korvosa in flames, angry mobs in the streets, and news that the king was dead and Queen Ileosa had ascended to the throne. As they watched, a sable riders crashed into a nearby statue and he and his mount were killed. They looted some weapons, armor, and his pristine sable rider cloak from the body.



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